Hey hey you guys!! Here’s a little let-know about my commissions!! I’m wanting to head out to Atlanta for the weekend of May 31st to attend Shatterdome Atlanta, having an artist’s alley booth as well as some cool other things (LIKE THE FIRST MAJOR PACIFIC RIM CONVENTION HOW COOL). But with my current rent, bills, and living expenses like FOOD that trip is going to be a little hard to plan without some extra income. I’m hoping to at least raise 300 dollars; that can cover plane ticket expenses as well as printing posters, bags, and t-shirts for my designs.
From here on until my goal of $300 is reached, all of my commissions are $10 off!! 
Vectored portraits = 25 $15 (extra characters +$5)
Abstract posters = 50 $40 (may vary with desired detail)
Full Body // Composition Heavy pieces = 65 $50 (SPECIAL)
Abstract portraits = 35 $25 (extra characters +$5)
Homestuck Fan Lands = 50/40 $40/$30 (30 with plenty of reference, 40 for no reference)
My art tag is here to all those wondering about my style!!! I do ship you prints by request, so if you’d like a print of your work along with the PDF i’d be happy to talk about it with you on fanmail or askbox. Also, hey, if you wanna support me and just buy some of my artwork I’ve already made, feel free to swing by my society6, redbubble, or skreened stores!! Every little bit helps, and thanks for reading! ; v; b 

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So today in class I tried drawing some characters from King of the Hill with my eyes closed.

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Gdi. Thanks for looking tho! I bet someone probably made it with a custom shirt maker or something and nowhere actually sells it. :/